Case 1: "Write us a song about going outside..."

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And in the end...

Case 2: "She's So Mean!"

Write us a song about a mean witch...

She's Mean!

I gotta a warty nose, and I got fungus toes,
I ain't complaining, mean is the life I chose!
She's so mean!

My skin is green, my smile's unseen, my nails ain't clean and on halloween...
I'm NICE... (just to be different!)


I'll make you a frog, and it'll make you sob,
Just like I invented smog, yeah that was me!


Hey it's a job and I take it very seriously...

She's a crone, she's a wikken, she's a harpie, she's a hag, she's an evil necromancer... [repeat]

But I wouldn't want to brag... Oh you're too kind... Do go on! etc

No thanks.  How about a tango?

She's So Mean!

Italics are rejected lyrics, BOLD the replacement

Although I’ve tried it once or twice
It seems I just can’t master nice
I much prefer NOT being nice…
I’m simply mean...

Simply mean, she's simply mean!

Yes I am being quite precise
When I say my heart is cold as ice
I’m truly mean

Truly mean, so truly mean!

Got a balloon? then I will pop it!
Get thrown a ball? I’ll make you drop it!
Show me a flower and I’ll lop it’s
Head clear off,

Done something wicked? I can top it!
What can I do?

I can’t stop it ‘cause I’m mean!

She's so mean!
I’ll turn people into frogs
And then I’ll take away repossess their logs,
Because I’m mean!

She's so mean, She's so mean, She's so mean!
And when they croak out “Ribbit!”
You will just have to admit it
I’m truly mean!

Truly mean, Truly mean, She's truly mean!

When you’re about to win that race,
I’ll make you fall flat on your face,

Oh and that smile upon your face,
I guarantee I will erase!

You won’t find goodness not a trace,
Not in my home or work or anyplace
Because… I’m so darn mean

She's so mean!

How could I be so bad?
It’s not so hard you know… (hard you know...)
When you’re about to make that wish [visual of b’day cake]
I just jump in and blow!

I’m the best at being cruel
Unkind, un-nice, untrue, uncaring
I don’t believe in charity
Good works, good manners, politeness
or sharing…

NONNY (spoken):
Not even sharing?

Wait, let me think about that a minute... no. (Stubs cigarette out in some birthday cake (you can have smoking on Nick Jr, right?))


Oh I just love just being bad
Do you hate that? Make you mad?
Doesn’t that just make you so mad?
That’s ‘cause I’m mean!

‘Cause she’s mean because she’s mean!

Helpful’s just not in my nature
In fact, it really aggravates her!
Because I’m mean!

Oh yeah mean, really mean, we’re talkin mean

Though other villains may give chase,
When it comes to cruel I set the pace,
You won’t find goodness not a trace,
Not in my pinkie, no! not anyplace!
because I’m so darn mean!

And after years of true devotion
I’ve made this mean green bubble potion
And with this plan I’ll set in motion
We’ll have frogs enough to fill an ocean!
I’m so darn mean

She’s so mean!

I’ll turn everyone to vermin!
If there’s doubt I’ll be confirmin’
I’m the meanest witch around
Possessing cruelty oh so profound
That is why, I am so ohhhh
Darn MEAN!

SOLD!  Let's Choreography it!

Great!  By the way, we've recast the lead and although she's famous and fabulous, she can't sing a note.  And please add an "evil plan" section with James Bond like music in the middle of the whole thing.  Also we need a half a dozen or so singing crabs.  Ok, Thanks!