noun 1. a highly produced digital audio story exploding with sound design, sfx, and music for kids and families
verb  1. produce (cast, record, direct, edit, mix, compose, design, & deliver) aurally stimulating stories for kids and families.

Rhumba is intimately involved with a variety of children's podcasts from inception to delivery, from casting and talent contracting to recording and vocal directing, creating radio plays and dialogue editing, all the way through sound design and final mix. 

Remy's Place

A Rhumba original about a boy who lives above a hip music café that his parents named after him. Neighbors and musicians bustle through Remy’s day, giving him an earful and an eyeful of life as a creator as he captures the sounds on his parents' old tape recorder. Remy's Place is a musical narrative conceived, written, and produced by Rhumba co-owner Michael Rubin with singer-songwriter Richard Julian. 

Remy is an idea collector who uses his parent’s old tape recorder to gather little bits of audio from the world around him, and that world is a very rich place indeed!  Remy lives above a hip and happening music cafe, which his parents named after him. Musicians, artists, and artisans bustle through Remy’s Place constantly, giving the boy an earful and eyeful of life as a maker — of music, art, food, environment, home, and friendships. Remy’s Place, in short, is a window into the creative process, a celebration of humanity and our drive to create, communicate, and connect.

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  • Listen to the pilot episode, "Welcome to Remy's Place" on iTunes
  • Enjoy an excerpt from "A Day in the Way" featuring singer/songwriter Norah Jones
  • Remy's Place album coming soon!