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Al Houghton  

co-owner/chief of operations

Al’s Mechanical Engineering degree from Brown University served him well after graduation until his boss told him to fly to Omaha, Nebraska on the night of his band’s gig at CBGBs. His subsequent disaffection led him to form Dubway Studios in NYC, where he recorded a wide variety of artists, producing and playing music through the 80‘s and 90’s.

With the expansion the studio in ’97, Dubway became a full-fledged audio production and post facility, recording all music and dialog for the acclaimed "Backyardigans" children’s animation on Nick, Jr.  Music recordings have included Patty Smith, Green Day, They Might Be Giants, The Roots, Sia, and Cat Power, to name but a few.

At this point, Al’s culture of client rapport, creative input, and technical excellence are imprinted on a facility that is an oasis of talent, experience, and expertise. 30 years of studio longevity makes for a great familiy of creatives.

You can reach Al at (212) 989-9500 x302 or email him at  

Check out some of Al's songs from Chef Do-Re_Mi: